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You know you need some kind of sports therapy, but you’re not sure where to start... If this sounds familiar, begin your journey to your best body yet with an Artisan consultation. After an initial examination and assessment, one of our resident sports therapists will find the most effective treatments for you, whether you’re looking to prevent pain, maintain peak physical condition or repair an injury. Get in touch to find out more.


From deep and intense to soft and gentle, choose a massage to suit your needs, and put yourself in the healing hands of our highly qualified masseuse. Treatments include:

  • Sports massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Indian head massage
Women have been massaging the foot in the gym


For injuries big and small, our physiotherapy specialists will assess, examine and diagnose problem areas, before putting you on the path to recovery. Helping you regain movement and soothe away pain, we offer patient-focused rehabilitation programmes that not only treat the issue at hand, but prevent further injury, too. Prices start at £50.

Cupping Therapy

Discover the knot-releasing, pain-relieving power of cupping therapy; a form of alternative medicine that sees your therapist place specialist cups on your skin to create suction. The pressure boosts blood flow and repair; ideal for soothing post-workout DOMS, ongoing aches and pains, and injury – particularly on your back and neck. Prices start at £35.

High Angle View Of A Relaxed Young Man Receiving Cupping Treatment On Back

One-to-One Yoga

A yoga class that goes one step further. Swap impersonal group sessions for the reparative benefits of one-to-one, prescriptive yoga that works in harmony with your body. Perfect for loosening tension, increasing flexibility, enhancing your fitness or reducing pain,
each class is focused around recharging both body and mind. Prices start at £45.


A specialist form of massage; reflexology can help to release stress and promote a sense of deep relaxation by applying pressure to specific points of your body. This holistic treatment is believed to have the added benefit of easing back pain, migraines and digestive conditions, including IBS. Prices start at £30.

Osteopathy Treatment on Patient’s Leg