About Artisan ST

Your dream team

If you’re training with our partner fitness programme, Artisan PT, we offer a holistic approach to easing aches, pains, injuries and long-standing conditions.

It works two ways. We speak to your trainer about problem areas, so they can easily adjust your workout. Plus, your trainer will make us aware of any pains that might be affecting your performance.

This trainer-therapist connection helps you reach recovery quicker. But it’s not just about rehabilitation; having this team on your side will increase your range of motion and boost your workout, too.

Therapy for all stages



It’s not only athletes who benefit from preventative therapy. Treatments, ranging from massage to yoga, keep your body loose and limber, lowering your risk of day-to-day injury.

If you’re on a fitness plan, our qualified experts can preempt potential problems, suggest training technique tweaks and outline a therapy plan that helps your body work in harmony.

We look at lifestyle factors, too. Always hunched at your desk? Doing manual labour? Your sports therapy plan will address every area of your daily life.



No more bad advice or inaccurate diagnoses. In your first consultation, we’ll assess and examine your injury, then get to the root cause of the problem.

Once we know what’s causing you pain, we’ll recommend treatments to get you back on track, from physiotherapy to one-to-one yoga and reflexology.

If you’re working with an Artisan PT trainer, your sports therapist will keep them updated with your progress, ensuring your fitness plan works with your recovery – never against it.



Athletes know it’s important to maintain peak physical condition in between workouts. Sports therapy is essential for mobilisation, strengthening and pushing towards your next fitness goal.

A monthly massage plan eases DOMS and tightness. Choose from sports, pregnancy, Indian head, reflexology, hot stone or Swedish massage to increase your fitness function.

PT makes you burn and ST winds you down. Between training, solution-focused yoga will soothe body and mind, while upping muscle flexibility.